Installation and Maintenance Services

Fire & Gas Systems

At Hamdana, we critically analyze and evaluate facility design layout, process flow channels and then we engineer and manage the design, procurement, installation and maintenance of fire and gas systems that best suit the plant which is required to successfully ensure the safe operation of our client’s asset in the oil & gas sector, offshore & onshore facilities, marine facilities, and chemical process plants.

Our range of services include but not limited to; Fire & Gas detection systems, Fixed and portable fire suppression and fire fighting equipment.

Fire & Gas Detection System

we believe early detection is a key to efficient control and mitigating actions. We model and design flame, heat and smoke detection systems with alarm signals, and manage the procurement, installation and maintenance services. Fire & Gas detection systems are essential in providing solutions and maintaining safety levels in any hazardous environment.

Hamdana provides the best protection for the defined degree of risk because we have the abilities and expertise that provide value-effective solutions to mitigate all level of risk identified. We prepare a comprehensive emergency plan to all our clients for each fire & gas detection plan to guarantee that the top level of service and support is provided within the possible.

We architecture and manage the design phase, procurement, installation and commission all our fire detection and alarming systems. We offer excellent maintenance and repair services for all the equipment we have installed to ensure they remain in perfect working condition in the event of fire incidence.

We plan, schedule and perform our work in compliance with the standard of operation approved by the industry.

Fixed and Portable Fire Suppression

depending on the nature of the application, we offer to our clients the best fixed and portable fire suppression systems. We offer a robust scope of operation and technical services throughout the entire range of inert gases and chemical agents, stationary sprinkler systems and portable suppression systems.

We offer a robust scope of operation and technical services throughout the entire range of gaseous and water-based stationary and portable suppression systems. We handle the design, installation, maintenance, and repair services for all our fixed fire and gas systems.

Fixed Fire Extinguishers For all fixed gaseous and water-based systems, we deliver a wide range of engineering designs, installation and maintenance services that best suit your application.

We offer a variety of services for fixed and portable fire suppression including

In all the services we offer at hamdana, we take account of designs, installation and maintenance services to cover your needs.

Fire Fighting Equipment

portable fire extinguishers and fire blanket are used in the event of fire control, however, to successfully increase the level of fire protection, fixed fire extinguishers are required. Hamdana provides you with both gaseous, fire hydrants, and sprinkler systems to increase and maintain high level of safety in your various fields of operation.

In Addition to fire and gas systems installation and maintenance, we at hamdana supply our clients with a complete list of basic events liable to cause failure of the safety equipment along with risk assessment and register pool of information regarding all possible approaches and mitigating actions in the event of fire.

Meters and Flow Meters

Oil and Gas prospect are becoming more brighter and many fields are in their production phases. Before hydrocarbon fluids are put into use, it must be measured at several inter phases along it flow line starting from the wellhead to processing facilities. Hamdana is here to supply you with the best and standard flow measurement instruments to effectively measure your fluid capacity at your desired location to suits your variety of applications.

We offer the best product to fit your need in various applications including subsea flow lines and facilities, surface processing facilities, and onshore facilities.

Our Services includes; Pressure Measurement Devices, Temperature, Level, Flow measurement devices and Valves.


Pressure Devices

Temperature Devices

Level Devices


Flow Devices


For each of your application, we run a technical analysis and supply you with the best instrument to perfectly meets your demand.

We are deemed to provide our clients with detail description of each equipment and all possible locations were the equipment performs at it best.

We manage both offshore and onshore installation, calibration, maintenance and repair Sevices.

Mechanical, Electrical Installation/Maintenance & Materials

Several mechanical and electrical equipment are move on site (offshore & onshore) to be assembled for the necessary flow of hydrocarbon fluids and electrical power supply. We provide you with all you need to simplify and aid in efficient installation meeting your planned schedule.

Quickly contact us to find out more about how we intend to provide you with your need.